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Print Kayak Baitwell Timer Operation

The time adjustment potentiometers rotate about 300 Degrees total, a little bit less than one complete turn.  WARNING, DO NOT use excessive force to turn the potentiometers, roll a small screwdriver between your thumb and forefinger to adjust.  When the unit is shipped the potentiometers are centered and the potentiometers will rotate less than a half turn in each direction.  Rotate the Pots to the right or clockwise to increase time interval and left or counterclockwise to decrease the time interval. 

Potentiometer Location Diagram with Rotation

Initial adjustability will be ON time of 20 seconds to 3 minutes, OFF time of 40 seconds to 6 minutes, and Auto shutoff of 2 hours to 12 hours.  The unit comes shipped with the time set to approximately 1.5 minutes on time, 3 minutes off time and 5 hour auto shutoff time.

When the unit is initially turned on, it will do a tank fill cycle for 1.5 minutes (90 seconds), which should be more than sufficient to fill any baitwell tank. After the initial Tank fill, the unit will do an OFF Cycle, then Alternate between ON Cycle and OFF Cycle for the adjusted time per each potentiometer.  The times can be changed at any time and the unit will act accordingly.  AUTO Shutoff occurs when a specified time period elapses from when the battery is not charging.  (In Kayak model this is the time since the unit is first switched on, until the Auto-Shut off time set by the pot is reached).  Automatic shut off time can be disabled by rotating the auto-shutoff pot all the way counter clockwise (left) to minimum time stop. This Disabled setting is recommended for Kayaks users that typically use smaller amp-hour batteries.

If you run your adjustable livewell timer for a period of 10 hours in one outing without recharging the battery, your timer will go into battery saving mode and set the time cycles to 32 seconds ON and 2 minutes off (for approximately a 1 to 4 ratio of on to off time).  Most likely this condition will never happen, if it does, you can turn off the timer by flipping off the manual switch supplying power to the timer, and turn it back on.  The timer will again start doing a tank fill and cycle and cycle again normally for the pot adjusted times for another 10 hours or until your battery goes dead.